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The Secret (a treasure hunt) / Sam Houston Park
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Sam Houston Park

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Image Matches - Sam Houston Park

This page explains an older theory of where the casque might be in Sam Houston park.


The single star at the top of the image may simply represent Texas (the "Lone Star State").  The circle and crossed lines, however, give it an appearance similar to that of the Armillary Sphere in Sam Houston Park.  According to the city's webpage explaining the installation, "The Armillary Sphere is so designed that this central rod points toward the north pole of the heavens, very close to the North Star."  The panel explaining the sphere can be viewed on Flickr. 
The Houston Armillary Sphere

The figure with the crossed arms may represent the Spirit of the Confederacy statue in Sam Houston Park.  If so, it's a good bet that treasure hunters are expected to stand in a place where the statue looks like it is rising out of a fountain like the jinn rising out of the whirlwind in Image 8.  In 2008 and 2009 (at least) the statue was positioned on the edge of the lake where a fountain sprayed a vertical column of water.  (See photos here, here, and here.)


The person who posted this photo on Flickr notes "They moved this thing around so much I think it's been all over the park at this point."  Staff at the park have confirmed, however, that the statue was in essentially the same place in 1980.

Alternatively, the crossed arms may refer to "small of scale step across" in the verse (arms crossed = step across). In this case, the jinn would be used more towards orientation than a symbolic/visual match.  

Spirit of the Confederacy

This aerial photograph from 1978 shows the western end of Sam Houston Park.  (Note that the photo was taken looking eastward, so south is to the right and north is to the left.)  The park's lake is visible in the lower center, with the Spirit of the Confederacy statue on the southern (right) edge.  A line from the statue going across the lake points to a group a four trees planted in a row along Walker Street.  Verse 1 may be telling us to keep the fountain and statue lined up while we go to the midpoint between trees 2 and 3.


Visible at the bottom of the image, across Walker Street, are two of the ramps for I-45.  The ramps are held up with concrete cylinders similar to the columns in Image 8.



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